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Russian thermoplastics for removable Dentures

Evidsun° Acetal

Polyacetal resin for use in dental crowns, clasps, and removable denture frames. The material is available in VITA colors, and 3 gingival tones are additionally available.

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Elastic and moderately hard material designed for partial dentures. The modulus of elasticity makes the material optimal for free-end and bounded edentulous teeth. Available in 7 hues.

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Evidsun° Light

Universal nylon material. Balanced physical and chemical properties. The material can be used in both full and partial dentures. Available in 10 hues.

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Evidsun° Dent

Suitable for full dentures, combines ultra-small shrinkage and high rigidity. High surface hardness of the material makes the denture highly polishable. Available in 3 hues.

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Castable acrylic combining the best properties of acrylates, allowing rebase, monomer and precursor free.

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Эластичный полипропилен для изготовления съемных протезов.

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Первый эластичный ПММА.

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